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Paw print TaTa Coolerz allow you to indulge your love for animals.   Choose the insulated layer that best suites you. 

Each set includes a specially designed gel pack which can be heated or cooled to a woman's desire.  The gel pack is placed inside one of the 3 comfort pockets in the cooler pouch.  The cooler pouch consists of an insulated layer and 3 cotton pockets designed for lasting comfort.

TaTa Coolerz are hidden by conforming to your body and bra.  The larger you are the more you can hide.  I do recommend the use of a padded full cup bra, for a better fit and privacy.

The large size will fit a full D or larger cup bra.

The small size will fit a full B or C cup bra.

Set includes 2 gel packs and 2 comfort pouches.

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  • Manufacturer: TaTa Coolerz
  • Cannot ship to: Canada


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