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White comfort pocket and your choice insulated layer .  Pocket is worn against the skin and the insulated layer wears against the bra.   Each pouch has 3 comfort pockets to choose from.

Worn under the breast inside a woman's bra TaTa Coolerz provide lasting, private comfort.  Women suffer from breast sweat for many reasons; housework, gardening,  hormonal imbalances, hot temperatures, excercise, menopause, chemotherapy treatments, hot flashes, and outdoor activites.  What ever the cause, it's uncomfortable.  Reduce your discomfort and keep 'em cool!  

TaTa Coolerz are hidden by conforming to your body and bra.  The larger you are the more you can hide.  I do recommend the use of a padded full cup bra, for a better fit and privacy.

The large size will fit a full D or larger cup bra.

 The small size will fit a full B or C cup bra.

Set includes 2 gel packs and 2 comfort pouches.

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  • Manufacturer: TaTa Coolerz
  • Cannot ship to: Canada


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