What are TaTa Coolerz?

TaTa Coolerz are insulated soft gel packs that are concealed inside your bra.  Worn under the breast TaTa Coolerz provide discrete lasting comfort to a very sensitive area of a woman's body.   TaTa Coolerz were designed to conform to your body.  The insulated pouch has a thermal layer and 3 comfort layers.   The thermal layer protects the soft gel pack from surrounding temperatures.  The 3 comfort layers serve several purposes.  They allow the coolness of the gel pack to be applied.  The multiple layers create pockets allowing a woman to choose her level of comfort.  The comfort layers also absorb any moisture that may be created by condensation, keeping you dry.

Why TaTa Coolerz?

I like to be comfortable, simple as that.  The idea for TaTa Coolerz was to prevent breast sweat by keeping them cool.  I figured I wasn't the only woman interested in being comfortable.  I found out very quickly that I wasn't!

Who wears TaTaCoolerz?

Women across the world enjoy TaTa Coolerz!  Women have told me they enjoy the cooling comfort of their TaTa Coolerz while playing a game of golf, a game of pickle ball, a tennis match and while driving a race car.

I have received orders from women who suffer from hot flashes due to chemotherapy treatments, hormonal changes and side effects to required medications.

When the temperature rises due to a normal change of seasons or there is an unpleasant heat wave women wear their TaTa Coolerz to make those hot days more bearable. When the temperature rises, the possibility of under breast rashes and breast yeast infections also increases. Women have found wearing TaTa Coolerz and Keeping 'em Cool reduces the occurrence of these infections. (though TaTa Coolerz is NOT a medical device or an alternative to medical treatment)

Brides have received TaTa Coolerz to make their beautiful day more comfortable.  Brides have also given TaTa Coolerz has a bridal gift to their mothers and their bridesmaids.

TaTa Coolerz has helped many women diagnosed with multiple sclerosis suffering from heat exacerbation. Their condition worsens with heat exacerbation, preventing multiple sclerosis women from spending periods of time outside in the summer heat. TaTa Coolerz keep'em cool and have allowed these women to participate in family picnics, watch their child play ball and attend an outdoor summer wedding.

How long do TaTa Coolerz last?

Ah, the question I receive most!  This all depends on many things. The truth is it's different for everyone and every situation.  What's the temperature of the environment?  What's your body temperature?  Are you wearing a padded bra?  If so how padded?  I can only answer this with my own experience.  I wear the large and am a D cup.  I have worn them watching my daughter play soccer in Florida during the summer, I'd say the high 80's.  They cooled a bit more than 2 hours.  I wear them to work in air conditioning and have had them be cool for over 3 hours.


TaTa Coolerz are manufactured entirely in the United States of America.  We are a God loving family and without his guidance and assistance, we would not have the product we have today.  We stand by our product.  If for any reason you are unsatisfied, feel free to contact us at 423*613*8253 or  TheTaTaLady@tatacoolerz.com for return instructions.